New Beauty On Demand Service Brings Cosmetic Procedures Into Your Home — Sleeq Promises To Be Ultra Discrete

- Mar 09, 2020-

New Beauty on Demand Service Brings Cosmetic Procedures Into Your Home — Sleeq Promises to be Ultra Discrete

Two Doctors Make Botox, Chemical Peels and More Mobile and Convenient

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Sleeq provides cosmetic procedures in the comfort of your own home.

Houston physicians Lisa Beard and Ryan Steward launched their new cosmetic concierge service after noticing conversations with many of their patients turned to discussions about cosmetic procedures. Not only were women interested in fillers and peels, but they wanted the treatments on their time and in their comfort zone.

Enter Sleeq, an idea the two had been considering for a while.

“There are a lot of women seeking these routine aesthetic procedures, so we thought, why not try a mobile option for our patients?” Steward says. “It’s such an honor to connect with our patients and really get to know them and what they need.”

Beard specializes in obstetrics and gynecology, and Steward in reproductive endocrinology/infertility and obstetrics and gynecology, so their patients are long-term and comfortable discussing treatments to banish fine lines and improve skin quality.

The Sleeq in-home menu includes injectable neuromodulators (Botox Cosmetic, Dysport), dermal fillers, microneedling and chemical peels — procedures covering lines, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin and acne-scarring.

Mobility was key when choosing what procedures to offer, as well as level of discretion for their patients. Nurse practitioners administer the treatments, taking between 30 minutes to an hour to do so.

“We are fairly unique in what we offer — commonly done procedures on a mobile basis, comfortably in your own home,” Beard tells PaperCity.

Lasers and large instruments stay in the office and instead, the nurse practitioner arrives on the doorstep with a gold equipment case, sleek white spa chair and professional ring light stand. Not that there’s any shame in the cosmetic procedure game, but Steward says privacy is an important part of their patient offerings.

“There’s no rolling spa advertisement on a van. The neighbors won’t even know we are there,” Steward says.

Appointments range between 30 minutes to an hour.

Prices range from $14 a unit for Botox to $150 to $350 per chemical peel. In addition to one-time bookings, Sleeq offers membership packages with reduced rates for patients.

Sleeq practitioners currently offer the concierge services in Houston and The Woodlands, but if you book, don’t worry. They’ll never tell.