what happens during a pro facial

- Dec 24, 2018-

"What do facials do? Should I get a facial? What are the benefits of a facial?" These questions are extremely common if you've never had a facial before. We're covering what happens during a facial from start to finish in our Facial Encyclopedia series. We've already covered types of facials and what to do before a facial, so now we're talking about what will happen during your 60 minute treatment.

In any pro facial, you'll receive a professional consultation where you can voice your concerns to your esthetician and what you want out of your facial. Almost all facials consist of four basic steps: cleansing, exfoliating, massaging the face and neck, and applying a mask for your specific skin type.

However, most salon facials are more complicated than that, and you'll find even more differences depending on the spa, esthetician, skin care line and your specific skin type and concerns.

Once you change into your spa robe, the esthetician will help you onto the facial bed, and wrap you up comfortably in a spa sheet or blanket. If you have any worries about feeling claustrophobic – just tell your esthetician. She'll work with you to make sure you feel completely relaxed. Next, she'll wrap up your hair in a towel to keep it comfortably out of your face. Then it's time to get started! Here are Bioelements steps to a facial:


1. Pre-Cleanse:

This is where your esthetician removes your makeup, and it's the first time she'll actually touch your skin. This will help indicate the condition of your skin without makeup and your skin's sensitivity levels. This step will occur even if you aren't wearing makeup.


2. SkinReading:

Now that you're not wearing makeup, your esthetician will perform our signature SkinReading technique to further analyze your skin. This modernized system helps your esthetician identify your concerns and maximize the results of your facial.


3. Cleanse Under Steam:

This is the part of the facial where your esthetician preps your skin for maximum absorption of key and active ingredients, stimulates circulation, nerve endings and also removes dead skin cells. Steam is crucial to this step because it helps soften the skin, hair follicles and loosens up congestion. The treatment room you'll be in is equipped with a facial steam machine that allows your esthetician to adjust the position, distance, and intensity of the steam so it fits your skin's sensitivity level. Bonus: it should feel soothing and relaxing over your skin.

Think you can get the same benefits of steaming by hovering you face over a pot of boiling water at home? Think again:Without a skin care pro who knows your skin and how much stimulation it can take, you run the risk of overstimulation, dehydration, irritation, and even a bad burn. Leave the boiling water for pasta.


4. Enzyme Exfoliation/Chemical Peel:

Depending on your level of sensitivity your esthetician will choose the appropriate method of exfoliation, which may or may not be performed under steam. Performing either of these options should reveal fresh, new skin cells, smooth out the texture of your skin, improve the appearance of wrinkles, and hydrate your skin- One of the biggest facial treatment benefits is the fact that you will receive this professional strength exfoliation. Don't forget: If you experience any discomfort during this step or any part of the facial, just speak up! It's always ok to ask questions during your facial.


5. Skin Sedation/ Comedone Removal Prep Mask:

Any time we rev up the skin (like in exfoliation) we then need to sedate it – to calm it down. This mask is applied to ensure your skin is calm post-exfoliation/chemical peel. A Bioelements esthetician should never skip this step, regardless of the facial. The benefits of a facial mask include making skin more pliable, which in turn makes extractions easier. Each step is meant to help you get the most out of each and every facial you receive.


6. Extractions/Comedone Removal:

If your esthetician decides this is necessary, they will gently remove comedones. Do not try to do this at home. Your esthetician has softened the skin and has the right tools to do this without damaging the skin. They'll also be working in a completely sterile environment, ensuring that no dirt or bacteria is pushed back into the skin, as it often is at home. Trust your esthetician; they'll get those pesky blackheads out without scarring your skin or causing further breakouts.


7. Custom Blend Massage:

Depending on your skin type, the esthetician will choose the appropriate massage product and custom blend it to target your skin concerns. They'll custom blend a few drops of 100% pure aromatherapy oils and use signature techniques that can help increase circulation, control excess oil production and soften fine lines. Not only is this step beneficial, but it's extremely relaxing. It's ok to fall asleep during this portion of your facial!


8. Power Treatment/Targeted Treatment:

After the custom blend massage, your esthetician will feed your skin with either a custom blended serum or a targeted treatment based on your skin concern. This is where your esthetician can really zero in on the biggest concern you have with your skin – whether it's excess oil, visible capillaries, lines and wrinkles – or anything in-between.


9. Power Mask:

Next, the appropriate power mask will be placed directly on top of the power treatment. The mask drives active ingredients deep into your skin, helping you get the most out of your facial. Bonus: your esthetician will apply this mask using our Double Brush Signature Technique, which is relaxing and enjoyable.


10. Finish Step:

This is the point in the facial where your new fresh, soft skin will be protected with a targeted serum and either sunscreen or moisturizer, depending on the time of day. Your esthetician will also perform a light Energy Tap Signature Technique, so you can leave your facial renewed and energized.


The benefits of a facial depend on what type of facial you receive, but you can expect these steps in all Bioelements facials, regardless. If you're nervous for your first pro facial, read here to see tips on what to do before a facial.